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Areas of Activity [Protection System]

Technical development continues to gather pace in all areas of life. For this reason, the below areas have only been selected as examples. Modified and new protection systems are developed together with selected partners and tested for their suitability for use / protection in the most diverse areas of application. According to the motto “Nothing is as constant as change”, our protection systems are also subject to this permanent further development. However, some products are also subject to “Top Secret” and are not made available to the interested public. We ask for your understanding.





Special Features

Contract Partner for the Special

Due to decades of technical experience and worldwide relationships, we have special solutions and are also very happy to move into special areas.
On this website, only products / solutions are published, which have been approved by our suppliers. Prototypes and special solutions are only transmitted or negotiated upon special request and approval by the supplier.

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Protection and Security Through Individual Problem Solutions

If you want a special solution to a problem or need something very special, please do not hesitate to contact us.
With our relationships built up over the years, we can work for you worldwide and provide protection and security again.

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Vision and Mission

Combining strengths and knowledge to actively and positively shape the future together. Our primary goal is to successfully meet the requirements of our customers. Of course, “Top Secret” processing applies to certain industries. Satisfied customers recommend!

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New cooperations in the Persian Gulf!

Let us realize your visions together.
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